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07 June, 2023 - 18 June, 2023
Paw patrol is coming to Bucuresti Mall

We have great news for all: Paw Patrol is coming to your favorite mall in the heart of the city, as part of an educational and suuuuper fun exhibition! Meet the most beloved animated characters of the moment, from June 7-18.
Get ready to solve mysteries in Chase’s police station, keep up with the fearless Skye, learn to work as a team with Marshall, build with Rubble and recycle with Rocky, every day from 12:00 to 20:00 ! And at the end of the day, our little visitors are invited to a great show with their beloved heroes.
In addition, Chase, the Police Pup, and Marshall the brave Firepup, will come at the exhibition every day to meet their fans.

Ready for fun? We are waiting for you, all, between 7th and 18th June, every day, between 12:00 and 20:00, on the ground floor, in the lounge area!

Check out our daily PAWgram here:
• 12:00 – 20:00 – Interactive and super fun workshops await the little ones with lots of games, surprises and interesting information
• 13:00; 15:00; 17:00 – The little ones, but only, can meet Chase the Police Pup and Marshall, the brave Firefighter Pup, with whom they will be able to take a lot of photos
• 18:30 – Super show for both children and adults, where fun and energy are guaranteed, for memorable moments

The interactive workshops in which the little ones will be able to participate:
Chase’s Zone – This zone is specially designed for activities that will focus on mystery solving, teamwork and educational practices based on Chase’s police skills. The sensors on the Interactive Traffic Light warn the little ones when they cross the red light. Chase’s instruction on basic traffic rules and the importance of road signs is conveyed in a fun way through games.

Skye’s Zone – This zone is specially created for activities inspired by Skye’s cute and intelligent personality. The little ones will enjoy activities like Skye Make-Up, PawHeroes-Face Painting and the “Hidden Screen” that becomes visible only with the help of Skye’s special glasses. And to create wonderful memories, the little ones will be able to take pictures of themselves in -a frame with Skye’s helicopter.

Marshall’s Zone – Activities in this zone will focus on rescue missions, teamwork and educational practices. The area is set up as a fire station, where the little heroes equip themselves and learn about fire safety. Kids can have their picture taken in firefighter costumes for brave and adventurous memories.

Rubble’s Zone – In this zone, little ones will have the opportunity to take part in building activities. Kids will equip themselves with helmets and tools to learn to build on Rubble’s construction site and develop their creative skills. Rubble’s photo frame is a wonderful opportunity to remember his fun and educational activities. Let’s get down to business and build together!

Rocky’s Zone – This zone is designed specifically for kids to learn about the basics of recycling. Children will be able to choose various elements (paper, plastic, metal) and arrange them accordingly in the three recycling bins. This way they will learn about the importance of protecting the environment in a fun and nature-friendly way.

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