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25 November, 2019 - 22 December, 2019
Designers Boutique | Ellida Toma

The latest A List Designers Boutique event this year brings forward a Romanian designer who conceptually approaches fashion by combining geometric, architectural and innovative elements – @ELLIDA TOMA.

PhD student in the Fashion Design Department within the College of Decorative Arts and Design of UNARTE Bucharest, Ellida Toma is a costume designer, stylist and image consultant, with numerous active theater and television projects.

The brand ELLIDA TOMA, launched in 2013, revolves around timeless pieces that blur the border between feminine and masculine. The modern outfits created in the workshop have their roots in the shapes, volumes and purity of the lines, the art of Constantin Brancusi being often a source of valuable inspiration.

Harmonious communication with ELLIDA TOMA clients frequently turns into unique creations, with an emphasis on comfort and individuality. The concept of atypical clothing, adapted to the silhouette or the conformation of each one is prioritized in front of the glossy, unrealistic elements of the fashion magazines – thus they create clothing pieces that fit perfectly in the brand ideology ELLIDA TOMA.

We wait for you between November 25 and December 22 at A List Designers Boutique in @ Bucharest Mall – Vitan, where ELLIDA TOMA clothing items will impress with beauty and creativity.

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