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09 February, 2021 - 08 March, 2021
City Vibes Fair – Season of Love

The first dawn of spring already appears on the horizon! Important events such as Valentine’s Day, Dragobete, but also the first day of spring and Women’s Day bring with them both happiness and a little responsibility to seek the perfect gift for your half or for the ladies and ladies you admire.
As every year, Bucuresti Mall – Vitan becomes the center of attention in an impressive gallery of local craftsmen, who have prepared the most inspired themed gifts for you. ‘City Vibes Fair – Season of Love’ tells the story of the perfect gift, which you’ll surely find exploring the gallery between February 9th and March 8th.
So, between February 9th and February 24th you will find the most inspiring gift ideas for Valentine’s Day and Dragobete, the holidays that take love to a high! Starting February 25th, you will discover a new palette of gifts, dedicated to the first day of spring, but also To Women’s Day. A complete artisan gallery, suitable for the holidays of love!

1. Soufeel, with dedicated collections of Valentine’s Day and Martișor (earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants)
2. Gabriela Popa, with handmade products (brochures, necklaces, earrings), fimo, wood, or ceramic sands and floral ornaments
3. Ileana Celea, with accessories and handmade jewelry in vintage, retro and ethnic style
4. Bubbles Shop with cryogenic roses, lichen paintings, traditional marzipans, and themed products
5. Art&Deco, with specific Valentine’s Day decorations, traditional and handmade marzipans, Arrangements, and gift sets for Women’s Day
6. Paula Bijoux, with silver beads and silver jewelry
7. Visual Art 2000, with jewels of stuffed wool, handmade beads painted on glass or ceramics
8. Florentina Marin, with earrings, pendants, necklaces, and bracelets made of polymer or semi-precious stones, handmade beads made of polymer paste and knitted hats with animated characters
9. Universul Cristalelor with crystal accessories for Valentine’s Day, March 1st and Women’s Day
10. Altrania 2002, with gifts dedicated to Valentine’s Day, 1st March, and Women’s Day
11. Jacqueline, with unique jewelry, handmade with semi-precious stones, crystals, ceramics
12. Atelierul Dale, with marchers, brooches, natural flowers, and special arrangements
13. Ding Communication with silver jewelry in the holiday theme
14. Beek Gift with special products for Valentine’s Day, 1st March, and Women’s Day
15. Bomboane Bucuria, sweet marzipans, candy and wines from the Republic of Moldova
16. Idille Boutique with premium jewelry
We are waiting for you in the Season of Love at Bucharest Mall – Vitan, the ideal destination for shopping with benefits!

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