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30 June, 2020 - 28 July, 2020
Bucuresti Masters – Educational Workshops

Many people say that knowing is synonymous with having power – and in a digital society like today, many of us have the power to change things for the better.

The thirst for knowledge and the desire to self-improve bring us closer to each other and motivate us to ask for the best. That is why we are about to offer you the best in terms of valuable knowledge from true professionals.

Bucharest City Hall through the Youth Center of Bucharest in partnership with Bucuresti Mall – Vitan brings you Bucuresti Masters Educational Workshops, a project that will motivate future generations of professionals in photography, leadership, nutrition, technology, mindfulness, and wellness.

These pillars have a major significance both in personal and professional development – which is why we chose them for 5 sessions of interactive workshops. The speakers that will motivate you to want more from you are the following:

  • 30 June – @Mihaela Bilic, workshop about nutrition
  • 7 July  – @Olivia Vereha, workshop about technology and innovation
  • 14 July – @Cori Grămescu, workshop about mindfulness & wellness
  • 21 July – @Mirela Bucovicean, workshop about leadership & entrepreneurship
  • 28 July – @Alex Gâlmeanu, workshop about photography

Each workshop will be hosted LIVE by the Bucuresti Mall – Vitan Facebook page and will start at 18:00. The end of the workshop will be marked at 19:00, with the last 10-15 minutes dedicated to a Q&A session.

So, see you every Tuesday starting with June 30 on Bucuresti Mall – Vitan Facebook page, the place where education and digital merge in a project with and about you.

Project implemented by the Bucharest City Hall through the Youth Center of Bucharest in partnership with Bucuresti Mall – Vitan.

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