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01 July, 2022 - 31 July, 2022
Alist Designers Boutique – Exclusives and Palaria Dadarlat

In July, Alist Designers Boutique is waiting for you with holiday customed accessories and collections, from two extremely talented local designers, Exclusives and Pălăria Dădârlat.

The Exclusives workshop aims to give a fresh start to the Romanian fashion in terms of accessories through their outstanding pieces. Everything to create the image of an exclusive, modern, independent woman, who displays her unique style on any occasion.
Pălăria Dădârlat continue the tradition started in 1896 and they tell the story of an accessory, developed over time with a lot of dedication by passionate people, who are based on a century of experience and involvement in creating an authentic piece. The brand’s mission is to provide customers with quality and spark their curiosity, while maintaining authenticity in an increasingly automated world.

Come to Alist Designers Boutique, in București Mall-Vitan, ground floor and discover the stories of the two Romanian designers!

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