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01 October, 2023 - 31 October, 2023
Alist Designers | Alura and AnTanTe Design

Autumn’s unique colors and textures write the next page of Alist Designers Boutique story, in October, at București Mall-Vitan.. The two Romanian designers, Alura and AnTanTe Design, have prepared special collections that will bring that distinct detail to any wardrobe.

Alura is a brand of genuine leather shoes, created for women who want a contemporary piece, but also comfort, without making compromises. Alura outlines a timeless aesthetic with contemporary elements, complemented by classic and versatile designs, using the highest quality materials. The new autumn collection presented at Alist Designers Boutique brings together models with a cowboy aesthetic or inspired by equestrian sports. Kitten heel or block heel models come in a dual color palette, combining ivory or off white with classic khaki or black. The suede promises comfort, as does the shape and height of the heels. Their feminine allure, combined with the soft texture of natural leather, offers elegance for every moment of the day.

AnTanTe Design, a 100% Romanian concept, created by Raluca Văleanu and Ioana Vlăsceanu, stands out through unique clothing items, in very small series, created and painted by hand with passion. Their articles tell “wearable” stories and express the joy of putting “emotions, moods and feelings” on you. On the occasion of the new season, AnTanTe Design proposes a selection of items specially created for Alist Designers Boutique. Attention to details, simple, versatile, but atypical cuts, combined with handmade paintings and details are the elements that define the entire collection. The asymmetries, the volumes, the funny paintings and messages, along with the natural fabrics, the loose and comfortable cuts, the effect details will surely turn many eyes.

We are waiting for you with love and passion for Romanian design, in October, to discover the unique creations of the two Romanian designers, only at Alist Designers Boutique, ground floor, lounge area!

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